Star Wars Weekends #4: Complete Event Coverage

Star Wars Weekends #4 is now finished!  Weekend #4 was a great weekend filled with fun and excitement.  The celebrity guests for Weekend #4 included Ashley Eckstein (who was an official guest this weekend), Jeremy Bulloch and Ray Park.  As always, James Arnold Taylor was the host all weekend.  Here are some images of the celebrities participating in the Celebrity Motorcade which happens every single day of Star Wars Weekends at 11:00 A.M.

One of the best things about attending Star Wars Weekends, is watching the shows.  As always the Rebels show was the first of the day.  Starting at 1:45 daily, the Star Wars: Rebels show features a celebrity guest that is in Star Wars: Rebels.  This week's Rebels guest was Ashley Eckstein who reprised her role as Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: Rebels.  As always, Sabine and Ezra started off the show with a little skit getting the best of some Stormtroopers and James Arnold Taylor came out in a TK costume as the host.  He showed an intro video to introduce Ashley on stage and they discussed many things related to Rebels and Ahsoka Tano.  They also showed a clip relating to season 2.  This clip featured Vader in his TIE Fighter and our heroes realizing they are outmatched. 

Stars of the Saga was the next show which began at 3:30 with a Stormtrooper introduction skit at 3:15.  The guests of this show included Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett).  Ray Park was the first one introduced on stage by host, James Arnold Taylor.  Ray discussed his experience in Episode I: The Phantom Menace as well as a few of his other roles in other franchises.  In addition to Ray Park, Jeremy Bulloch also attended this show.  Jeremy discussed many things about the Boba Fett role (including his mistake saying "Put Captain Cargo in the Solo hold").  The celerities each wore a mask representing their character for part of the show (Jeremy wore Boba and Ray wore Darth Maul).  James Arnold Taylor wore a Vader mask.  At the conclusion of the show, the celebrities on stage all took part in tea time (since they were both from across the pond).  Jeremy even made a toast saying "To The Force Awakens"!

Because Ray Park is so good with the fans and with kids, Ray held his own show (much like Warwick Davis in week's 2 and 3).  This show took place at 5:15.  On Saturday, there was a huge storm with thunder and lightning which delayed the show, but also added a cool effect to the ambiance.  This show was called "Visit to the Maul" and was a show where Ray had a bunch of little kids up on stage and he would show them a martial arts routine to perform in front of the audience.  Each kid was given a lightsaber to use up on stage with Ray and even James Arnold Taylor participated.

Obi-Wan and Beyond is the final show scheduled for each day and this show features James Arnold Taylor and his career as a voice actor.  In the show, James converses back and forth with Obi-Wan on screen and James performs many of the voices he portrays on television.  James is a very talented voice actor and if you have not seen this show, I highly recommend seeing it.  The show happens at 7:00 P.M. every day (Fri-Sun) of Star Wars Weekends 2015.

In addition to all the great shows going on, there was something great going on to promote the Star Wars Infinity 3.0 line.  Near the ABC theater, a first look set up including screens where people could play the game were available.  It was cool to see how the gameplay was constructed and some of the maps and characters that will be available for play.

As always, Star Tours, The Rebel Hanger, celebrity autograph signings Darth's Maul and Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide are available for enjoyment every weekend.  For more information on these items, please refer back to the Star Wars Weekends #1 Recap link here: