Captain Phasma Black Series Review

Captain Phasma was one of the mostly highly anticipated characters from the latest installment of the Star Wars Saga, The Force Awakens.  Not only is Captain Phasma a female (played by actress Gwendoline Christie), but she also looks SUPER cool.  The shiny metallic armor, the intimidating stature, the cape hanging off her left shoulder, and the fact that she's a female have all contributed to this character's popularity.  Captain Phasma merchandise has been near the top of the most sought out merchandise on the market.  Among the merchandise relating to Captain Phasma, is the Black Series 6-inch action figure.

Let's begin inspecting the package.  Like the other figures in this line, this figure is clearly visible through the plastic and is encased in the sleek-looking Black Series packaging.  Artwork of the character is located in the lower right side of the front panel.  Captain Phasma is the sixth figure of this particular action figure set and this is clearly located on the right side of the package.  The back panelling of the package includes a brief description of Captain Phasma in four different languages, her action figure number, and the same artwork that is printed on the front.

The figure itself is incredible.  The shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, waist and head are all articulated which makes posing this figure very easy and enjoyable.  Captain Phasma includes her unmistakable blaster rifle which fits in her hand perfectly.  Although the armor is not metallic like in the movie, the silver paint has a bit of shine to it which makes it work as an action figure/toy.  Draped off her left shoulder is Phasma's dark black cape with red lining along the edges.  Unlike some of the other figures in the Black Series line who have cloth goods, Phasma's cape is plastic.

One of the best observations while looking over this figure was the fact that Hasbro (the Lucasfilm licensee in charge of producing action figures) made sure to keep scale in mind.  Gwendoline Christie towers at 6'3" and is taller than the First Order Stormtroopers that her character commands.  These action figures are classified as being "6-inch" but neither the First Order Stormtroopers nor Captain Phasma hit that measurement exactly.  The First Order Stormtroopers hit about six and a half inches and Captain Phasma measures in just south of seven inches tall.  Having figures to display and play with that include accurate scale is helpful when displaying and more enjoyable when creating armies to play with.

Although Captain Phasma's screen time was limited in The Force Awakens, Gwendoline Christie is a confirmed cast member in Episode VIII due out in December of 2017.  Be sure to expect more action figures and more screen time for the Captain of the First Order army.

By: Eric Pfeifer