*NEWS* Celebration Orlando 2017

With the release of Rogue One in theaters on December 16th and Star Wars: Rebels taking their holiday hiatus, one might expect the Star Wars news to be dwindling and slow.  Contrary to popular belief, the news just keeps on coming and the excitement continues to build.  This morning starwars.com released two major announcements for Star Wars Celebration Orlando which will be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 13-17, 2017.

Warwick Davis, David Collins and Amy Ratcliffe have been confirmed at Stage Hosts for the biggest Star Wars convention in the galaxy.  Warwick Davis will be hosting the Main/Celebration Stage, David Collins will be hosting the Digital Stage and Amy Ratcliffe will be hosting the Behind-the-Scenes Stage.

Get your tickets here now. 4-day tickets are almost sold out.  

In addition to the stage hosts being announced, the art for the badges were also revealed.  Take a look:

Badge art for Sabine, Zeb and Thrawn will also be at Celebration Orlando this April.  Badge art done by artist, Paul Shipper.  For more information, visit here.

By: Eric Pfeifer