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Celebration Anaheim: Collectibles, Booths & Displays

You won't ever find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!  The Celebration show floor was swarming with fans from all over the world.  Between exhibitors, dioramas, a tattoo pavilion and more, the Celebration Anaheim exhibit hall did not disappoint.

One booth I wanted to visit was the Hasbro booth.  As a collector, action figures interest me a great deal.  At the Hasbro booth, Black Series figures and Rebels figures were on display.  It was exciting to see the loose and packaged versions of many of the figures as well as some of the figures that have not been released yet.  The item that caught my eye the most was the exclusive first reveal of the 6-inch Fulcrum Ahsoka figure.  There was an incomplete example in the display case.  Based off my first look at this piece, it will not disappoint.  Catch more of the Hasbro display by scrolling through the photos below:

The Gentle Giant Ltd. booth was another popular location for fans to visit.  Not only did they have merchandise and examples of upcoming products, but the massive Jabba the Hutt was located just behind their booth.  Gentle Giant had two different exclusives for the show (Ralph McQuarrie mini bust and a C-3P0 jumbo figure).  Each day Gentle Giant gave out raffle tickets with different colors on them.  If you had a raffle ticket with the correct color for that day, you were given the opportunity to purchase an exclusive.  If not, better luck tomorrow.  A Zam Wesell statue was also on display at their booth.  At this point, the Zam statue is only available for preorder.

Other booths/exhibits at the show consisted of: Hallmark, Kotobukiya, Rubies, Anovos, Sideshow Collectibles, Star Wars Weekends, Her Universe, Prop Store, LEGO, ThinkGeek and more.  There was also a booth dedicated solely to the new Star Wars Battlefront game which will be released on November 17, 2015.

Speaking of Battlefront, a new trailer was released!  If you haven't seen it, you can find it here:

The 501st Legion played a massive role in the atmosphere of Celebration.  People were walking around the show floor in costumes that looked like they just walked off the set of the movies.  The 501st, Rebel Legion, and R2 Builders Club all had a presence at the show.  The 501st also had a Bash of their own on Friday night and the Rebel Legion held their first charity dinner on Saturday night which raised over $8,000 for charity.  Both the 501st and Rebel Legion had their own booths with costumes on display. The R2 Builders Club even took over an entire room.  Roxy the Rancor also was available for people to take pictures with.

A tattoo pavilion was also available for the fans that wanted to decorate their body with their favorite franchise.  I walked through the pavilion a few times and it was packed every time.  People would spend multiple hours in a chair to get something on their body that would show off their love for Star Wars.

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