Twin Suns Transmission. Eric and Jessie discuss the premiere of Star Wars: Resistance, The Mandalorian, and more!

The Mandalorian. New information on the live-action TV series!

Star Wars: Resistance. Extended Trailer

Twin Suns Transmission. Could Ahsoka could have prevented Anakin from turning into Vader? Eric and Jessie discuss their thoughts!

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric is joined by new new voices to discuss the Resistance trailer and to go in depth on the the actions of Rey and Kylo.

Star Wars: Resistance.  Our first look at the new animated show is finally here.

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie discuss the Star Wars news and take a deeper look into the behind the scenes content on the Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 Blu-Ray set.

Episode IX.  J.J. Abrams tweets first photo from set of Episode IX.

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie discuss the major news from San Diego Comic-Con, the return of The Clone Wars, the huge casting news from LFL about Episode IX, and much more!

#CloneWarsSaved.  San Diego Comic-Con Clone Wars panel announces the return of Clone Wars!

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie discuss San Diego Comic-Con, the 10th anniversary of Clone Wars, and the impact of the internet on the Star Wars fandom!

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie are joined by Michael and Christy Morris for a complete review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars: Rebels.  Season 4 available on Blu-ray and DVD July 31st.  

The Star Wars Show.  The 10th anniversary of Clone Wars to be recognized at San Diego Comic-Con.

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie are joined by Rebels star, Vanessa Marshall!

Star Wars Celebration.  The website is now LIVE.

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie discuss which familiar characters we might see in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the announcement of Celebration in Chicago, and much more!

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie discuss their May the 4th activities, the 'Solo' World Premiere Red Carpet Event, and more!

Disneyland's After Dark Star Wars Nite.  Rachel takes us through her experience marching through Disney as a Stormtrooper.

Star Wars Celebration.  Chicago to be the site for the next Celebration.

The Star Wars Show.  Celebration 2019 has been announced!

Solo: A Star Wars Story: World Premiere livestream from L.A.

runDisney.  Star Wars Rival Run Weekend announced for 2019.

The Star Wars Show.  Voice actor joins the show.

The Star Wars Show.  Ron Howard joins the show!

Twin Suns Transmission.  Eric and Jessie continue their discussion on the bonus features from The Last Jedi, they make predictions for Star Wars: Resistance, and more!

Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Becoming Solo Featurette.

Star Wars: Resistance.  A new animated series has officially been revealed!

The Star Wars Show.  The President of Marvel Studios talks about his love for Star Wars.

The Star Wars Show.  Han and Lando join the show!

Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Official Trailer.

Jon Favreau.  New live-action series set to be written and produced by Jon Favreau. 

New Films.  Creators of 'Game of Thrones' to work on a new series of Star Wars films.

Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Trailer debuts on GMA.

Solo: A Star Wars Story.  TV spot debuts during Super Bowl.

Ashla Analysis:  Eric and Rachel dive deeper into the Dark Side Cave on Dagobah.  What do the experiences mean?  How did the cave come into being?  Find all this out and more on this episode!

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