Kylo Ren F/X Lightsaber Review

Many of the popular lightsaber hilts seen in the movies have been made into replicas called "Force FX" Lightsabers.  These lightsabers capture the likenesses of the actual sabers on screen and even light up with real movie sound effects.  The sound effects include the activation sound, the general hum and waving noise of the saber, the deactivation sound and the "clash" of the saber when it's hit against something.  The lightsabers come with a plastic holder in which they can be displayed on a shelf or wall and some even come with removable blades and belt clips.  The Force FX lightsabers are most commonly used for display purposes or costume props.

Whether you align yourself with the Dark Side or the Light Side, there is no disputing that Kylo Ren is one of the most exciting things about The Force Awakens.  At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this past April, fans were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Kylo Ren costume used in the film.  The costume was available for display in The Force Awakens Exhibit on the upper level of the Anaheim Convention Center and fans were able to get some close up shots of the costume.

In addition to the costume, Kylo's lightsaber (which is very, very unique) was also on display for fans to take a look (or two) at.  Kylo's saber is one of the most unique looking lightsabers in all of Star Wars.  Not only does it have 3 blades (1 main blade and 2 smaller blades jutting out from the sides), but the blades themselves are different.  It doesn't look like a normal lightsaber blade.  The blade almost seems to be pulsing and has more of a "flame" look to it rather than a laser sword.

Kylo Ren's lightsaber is one of the most iconic aspects of The Force Awakens and it's no surprise that it was made into a high-end collectible.  Hasbro did a fantastic job with this collectible.  Not only does this item look exactly like the one used in the film, but the sound effects match the lightsaber's distinct sound.  In addition to Kylo's saber sounding different that most lightsabers, the blade also has a different look to it.  Check out this 15-second trailer and pay close attention to Kylo's lightsaber.

When Kylo Ren's saber ignites, the main blade ignites first followed by the two smaller side blades which both ignite on a delay.  Check out the way the Hasbro Force FX Kylo Saber ignites.

As you see, the Force FX Saber accurately has the main blade igniting first, with the side blades igniting on a delay.  The accuracy of the activation is fantastic, but the hilt (handle) is pretty much an exact replica of the one used in the film.  Take a look at these close up photos of the Force FX saber presented by Hasbro.

This product is now available in stores and online for $199.99 and includes a plastic display for the saber. Batteries for this amazing collectible are sold separately, but are easily installed inside the screw-off base of the hilt.