Star Wars at WonderCon 2016

WonderCon - Los Angeles

This may be one of those cons which will be long remembered. That time WonderCon was in LA. That time WonderCon felt like Comic-Con. That year that Star Wars took over ALL the Cons.

Yes, as Con season has begun we are seeing that our favorite universe is present at all of them in a big way. WonderCon had it’s fair share of comic book characters and super heroes, but it had much more Star Wars presence than ever before. There were more cosplayers, collectors merchandise, and Star Wars memorabilia this year than I have ever seen at WonderCon. From cosplayers in pajamas to the professional 501st, everyone wanted to take part in the excitement. The premier of the First Order Tie Fighter costumes by the 501st, a little girl that hid inside a life sized BB-8 with an imitation lighter “thumbs up” glove that popped out and a sombrero and poncho version droid battle were some of the highlights. Overall I was impressed at the quality of the general publics costuming. They seem to be getting better with each year as the market becomes more saturated. Way to “level up” your costumes fans. 

Funko Pop, Her Universe, Ultrsabers, EFX, Anovos, and SideShow Collectibles all showed off their love for a galaxy far, far away. Unfortunately, there were no exclusives to speak of but it made hunting for goodies that much more of an adventure. A few black series figures, BB-8 lamp, and a Jedi rug later, I was walking around with more than I could carry in my jumbo A New Hope bag. Disney had a music booth which gave away numbered copies of The Force Awakens deleted scenes mini posters (which I grabbed, of course) and many toy dealers had exclusives from different retailers available. With upgraded lightsaber in hand, I was satisfied with my treasures from this event. 

A new badge system was used that was first tested at Silicon Valley Comic-Con the week prior. You tapped in and out of each area or hall to lessen the counterfeit badges. It seemed to work pretty well and no one minded that they had to tap in. Rumors are that the system will be used at Comic-Con this July. One new thing to keep in mind that you may see throughout the rest of the year is that lightsabers are now part of weapons check. Yes, they’ve finally acknowledged lightsabers as a weapon. Consensus is… If you are looking for something to hold you over in between Comic-Con and the next Celebration, WonderCon is the place and since it’s back in Anaheim next year, I think it’s going to be have an even bigger Star Wars presence. Be ready!

By: Rachel Rossilli