Tatooine's 'Twin Suns' History *REVEALED*

Sure, tonight's episode of Rebels has the title "Twin Suns", but that name has been referred to well before March 18, 2017.  Why has "Twin Suns" become so famous?  Is it because the planet the "Chosen One" hailed from had two suns?  Maybe.  Is it because Luke Skywalker, basically the definition of a hero, grew up on this same planet?  Very well could be.  Let's take a deeper look at the desert planet of Tatooine.

TATOOINE: Located in the Tatoo System with an estimated population of 200,000, Tatooine orbited two stars (Tatoo I & Tatoo II) in the Outer Rim.  At one point, it was thought that because Tatooine reflected light so well, that it could be a star itself.  In fact. despite what you may have heard, Tatooine is actually fairly well-known in the universe.  It connects Hutt Space to the Outer Rim by way of The Triellus Trade Routes.  Remember Mos Eisley?  That Spaceport has been thriving for years.  Travelers, smugglers, criminals and others all travel through the well-known spaceport on Tatooine.


TWIN SUNS: Did you know that in addition to referring to the suns of Tatooine, the name Twin Suns also referred to a temporary squadron of X-Wing fighters that was assigned to Luke Skywalker after the Yuuzhan Vong had taken control of the key planet of Coruscant?  The squadron was led by Jaina Solo and later given to Jagged Fel for his command.

Did you know also that Twin Suns refers to a duo of Twi'lek bounty hunters (from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) who would harass native refugees on Nar Shaddaa?  They were good at their job until the Jedi Exile escaped from G0-TO's yacht.

Twin Suns also refers to a lightsaber maneuver used in the days of the Old Republic.  Two Jedi would stand at opposite ends of an open area and leap at each other.  As they would cross each other, they would swing their sabers at one another trying to harmlessly cut at their opponent's clothing and then deactivate their sabers prior to resting their feet on the ground.  This technique demonstrates two Jedi rising and falling in the sky, much like suns do when they cross in the sky.

Tonight on DisneyXD, remember that there is more to Tatooine than just it's Tusken Raiders, Jawas, Hutts and heat.  And, "Twin Suns" means much more than just Tatoo I and Tatoo II orbiting Tatooine.  

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