Rey The Force Awakens

Rey (Resistance Outfit) Review

Rey has quickly risen to the top of favorites among Star Wars fans, and this is very apparent through the demand of her merchandise.  One of the most sought after figures of the newest wave of 3.75 inch figures is Rey in her Resistance Outfit.  This version of Rey is the fourth Rey figure of this size, but first of her in her alternative costume.

Let's begin with the packaging-really impressive!  The figures are securely packaged in their plastic inserts which are trapped between two pieces of hard cardboard.  Each accessory piece is held in place by a small strip of tape, and very few figures in this line have been found on the shelves with damaged or torn packages.  In addition, the art on the packaging is definitely something that attracts fans to the products.

The reverse side of the package contains pictures of the other figures in this particular wave (Han Solo and Hassk Thug) with a short description of the character (In four different languages).  Along with the warnings for small parts, the back contains instructions on how to assemble the "Combination Accessories".  Each figure in this line includes a piece that connects with other pieces to create some sort of weapon.  These weapons are not actual weapons in the Star Wars Universe, but are fun little added ways to get the consumer to purchase the entire wave.  Rey's accessory resembles the staff she uses in The Force Awakens.

Let's get to the fun part...the figure itself!  Other than the fact that this is a figure of Rey, there are two main draws for the consumer when purchasing her.  

1).  The figure is in an alternative outfit.  In the previous three figures of Rey in this size, Rey was outfitted in her Jakku Scavenger fatigues (which she wears the majority of the film).  People like different, however.  Seeing Rey in a new costume at the end of the film was exciting for many fans (and likely a very welcome change for actress, Daisy Ridley as well), and now Hasbro has released Rey with her new look in action figure form.

2).  She comes with a lightsaber!  Rey is the first female lead that has fought with a lightsaber in the movies.  Not only does she use a lightsaber, but the particular saber she uses has been passed down from generation to generation.  Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker both used this lightsaber, and now Rey has it.  Is this hinting at what's to come?  Not sure...but it's great to have a main female character wield a lightsaber with extreme skill.  Other than the second version of Rey in the Disney Die Cast figure line, this is the first Rey figure to include a lightsaber as an accessory.

Rey's LPA NN-14 Blaster Pistol is also included with this figure.  This is the blaster that was given to her by Han Solo before entering Maz Kanata's Castle on Takodana.  The blaster pistol fits well in Rey's hand and can even be removed to be placed in the holster she has on her right thigh.  This is a "5-point of articulation" figure meaning both legs, both arms, and the head can all move.  Rey's head is a ball-jointed head, so she is able to look in all directions (even up and down).

Overall, this is a magnificent piece.  The figure seems to be painted well for it's scale, Rey has no problem standing or holding her accessories, and she's in her new costume with her lightsaber!  This is definitely a piece that should be at the top of every fan's wish list.  Whether your intentions are to display Rey in her package, give her to a child to play with, or just set her up on a shelf for her to look over your work space, she will fulfill her purpose.

By: Eric Pfeifer