Star Wars Weekends

Hasbro's Ahsoka/Vader 3.75 in. 2-Pack.

The wait is finally over!  When Hera's Rebel contact, Fulcrum, was revealed as being Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, people freaked out.  While many people were expecting Ahsoka to be Fulcrum, to have it finally be confirmed and see her return to the screen was an emotional moment for many Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California and Star Wars Weekends in Orlando, Florida both welcomed Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano) to the stage to discuss her experience bringing Ahsoka back to the Star Wars Universe.  Fans overwhelmed with excitement stood and cheered as Ashley came out on to the stage to discuss the return of Ahsoka in Star Wars: Rebels.


At Star Wars Celebration in April, Hasbro teased a prototype of a 6-inch Black Series figure Ahsoka Tano from Rebels.  This was our first look at the new version of a much more mature Ahsoka Tano figure.  Although this version was not painted, it was definitely exciting to see Ahsoka as an older woman in action figure form. 

Although this Black Series figure is not available until next year, Hasbro has released a 2-pack including Ahsoka and Vader from Star Wars: Rebels.  At this point, we have NOT seen Ahsoka and Vader in the same scene together in the show, but it is something that inevitably will happen; there will once again be a Master vs. Apprentice battle.

The packaging on this 3.75 inch 2-pack is very appealing.  The colors are very bright and the artwork is very well done.  Between the blue background, Vader's red lightsaber and the red card with Kylo Ren pictured, it's definitely a 2-pack that catches your eye while on the shelf.  The reverse side of this piece contains a brief description of each character included in the set.  Lightsabers for both characters (two white lightsabers for Ahsoka and a red lightsaber for Vader) and a firing disc are included with the figures.

These figures each have five points of articulation.  The legs, arms and head move on each figure. The lightsabers fit well in the characters hands and the look of the figures represent the characters well.  Vader has a very "McQuarrie-Style" look to him.  The helmet is modeled after what the concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie, originally had designed for Darth Vader.  Vader has red lenses on his helmet which produces a much more intimidating look to his character.

Ahsoka, has a much more mature look to her than what we have previously seen in her character's figures. Ashoka is a bit taller with bigger Montrals (horns) than her previous Clone Wars figures.  You can take a look at the differences in the figures in the group of photos below.

Vader and Ahsoka are two characters that are very popular among many fans.  Having said that, I expect this piece to be a favorite among collectors as well as kids.  The duo retails for $14.99 and will be hitting shelves at many of the stores that sell Star Wars Toys (Toys R Us, Target, Walmart) very shortly if it hasn't already. 

For those interested in what could happen between Ahsoka and Vader, Twin Suns Outpost's very own Danai Kittivathana has produced this piece titled "The Complete Circle".  The piece comes in two sizes and can be found in our Gallery or by clicking the image below.